Three Simple Hairstyles For Your Workout

So, you love to run, bike, and simply do anything active. While working out is very much of your daily routine, constantly worrying about your hair isn’t. Whether you are at the gym or not, it can be tough to balance practicality with a pretty style.

workout hairstyle

Of course you’re going to want something that doesn’t become a distraction and gets in the way of running on the treadmill or playing a sport. This is why a classic high ponytail will always be a staple. You can pin, twist, and secure your hair in many different ways, but the high pony is as functional as it is reliable. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best, and if you are in a major hurry it’s not a bad option.

The topknot can work for many different forms of exercise. It works on many different lengths of hair and gets it out the way whether you are doing yoga or a high-intensity workout. Add bobby pins and a headband if you’ve got short flyaways.

A tight fishtail is great if you love braids but are worried about them falling out. It’s not as traditional as the two before mentioned hairstyles, so go with it if you are feeling a little adventurous. Braids are best for workouts that your hair won’t be whipping around, so be aware of that before styling your hair in this fashion.

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