Simple Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Hair

Your hair is important to you. It has to look good for that party on Saturday and that job interview on Monday. You are doing your best to balance time with everything you have to do, and you want your hair to look its best but not spend hours upon hours on it. With so much going on, it is easy to not think of the long-term damage you might be causing.


We all know that your steaming hot straightener probably isn’t doing great things for your locks, but you may have several other habits that are causing breakage. You may not even realize it, and more than likely there is a simple treatment! So how is this happening?

  • Stringing your hair too tightly – You may love the feeling of your hair perfectly in place, but if it’s too tight it can result in broken strands. So if you are debating whether or not to wrap a hair tie around a pony another time, remember that it can pull hair on its way out.
  • Using the wrong hair ties – You don’t have to go full-blown scrunchy, but avoid using rubber bands and hair ties with metal clasps.
  • Using bad brushes – If you aren’t using the right brush, brushing your hair at all can cause major damage. Spend a little more on a great brush and you will be thanking yourself later.
  • Towel-drying – The little fibers in a towel can be rough. Instead, replace it with a t-shirt.
  • Not using protective products – Heat can ruin hair, especially if it’s color-treated. Whether going out into the sun or using your straightener, apply a heat-protectant product beforehand.

Taking these simple steps will help you maintain that beautiful head of hair!

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