Short, then suddenly long: Should you get extensions?

Blonde.jpgSometimes we wake up, look in the mirror, and see thinning hair. You wish it was longer and stronger, right? Or, sometimes we see scars in our hairline that we wish we could easily get rid of. Hair extensions might be a hair styling option that suits these desires.

In an article written by Modern Salon, experts weigh in on how to approach the conversation of adding hair extensions. Some of the questions they address include “How will hair extensions correct the hair issues that I’m experiencing?”, “Do hair extensions serve as an alternative to adding color into my hair?”, and “What’s the best way to use hair extensions for clients attending parties or big events?” Read more about the hair extension process.

Jean-Charles Duchene, owner of Hair By JC, educates his clients on the best hair style to suit their needs. Contact JC Duchene today for a free consultation.





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