Keep Your Hair Healthy and Beautiful This Summer

summerhaircareIt’s a good thing that Colorado has less humidity than most of the other 50 states. While we take care of our bodies during the summer, we have to do the same with our hair. As you go about the sunny Boulder, Colorado season, remember to pay extra attention to how your hair responds with an increase in temperature and sunlight. According to contributing stylists for Cosmopolitan Magazine one of the ways to maintain healthy summer hair is to

Keep conditioning. Just as your body needs water to survive, your hair must replenish its moisture to stay healthy. “Conditioner for hair is like water for the body: You’re always going to need it,” says hairstylist Lorraine Massey, founder of Devachan Salon in New York City. So if you’re a dry-shampoo fan, add moisture, even if you’re not washing. The time-saving formulas of dry shampoos are designed to soak up oil, leaving hair lackluster. To rehydrate without wetting, spritz a dry conditioner on thirsty ends every two days.

Hair By JC in Boulder, Colorado offers additional summer hair treatments including Brazillian blowouts and Keratin Express treatments.

Be sure to check out the full list of summer hair treatments in the article mentioned above.


Photo provided by Cosmopolitan Magazine



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