How Often You Should Wash Your Hair

A recent survey done by Dove found that one in three women say they sometimes skip a shower or a workout to preserve their hairstyle. This is a clear result of what shampoo and conditioner can do to women’s hair.

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Whether washing leaves hair parched, greasy or with left over residue it is easy to not know how often to jump in the shower. Spoiler alert, there’s no right answer! Yet there are tips and tricks to get every woman on the right path.

First of all, it really depends on a woman’s lifestyle and getting to know how their hair reacts to certain products and cycles. For example, shampoo that’s too heavy will leave hair greasy. Certain formulas can cause a loss of proteins and damage hair. This is why it is as important how women clean their hair as it is how often they do.

A general rule would be to cleanse the scalp about three times per week, but adjustments need to be made depending on the scalp. A more oily scalp may require washing once a day, while a less oily scalp may require washing only twice a week. The bottom line is to find a plan and products that work. Every woman’s hair is different, and therefore, every woman’s answer is different.

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