Fight the Frizz this Winter with Hair Tips and Treatments

Winter is here in Boulder, Colorado, which means your hair is going to need some extra special care.  These cold temperatures and blustery winds are brutal on your locks, drying your hair and creating static and frizz.  Inside isn’t much better, with heaters sapping every bit of moisture from the air.  But don’t worry, because Hair by JC has some tips that will help you keep your hair looking luscious and healthy all season long.

Damaged Winter Hair in Boulder

Boulder winters are hard on your hair, making it brittle and dry.

First, try to adjust the environment so that it’s not so hard on your hair.  Use a humidifier to add moisture to the air, and avoid hot showers.  Hot water makes your hair and skin dry out faster, so using lukewarm or cool water to rinse (we know, it’s hard in the winter, but it will help you stay silky smooth).  You should consider cutting back on how often you wash your hair as well; a dry shampoo can get you through between washes looking fresh.  Also try to reduce how long you’re using the hair-dryer, straightener, and curling iron.  These cause a lot of damage to your hair, and it’s much easier to prevent the damage than it is to repair it.

tips for fighting frizzy hair in Boulder this winter

Fight the frizz this winter with these great tips!

Another important step is using the appropriate products on your hair.  During winter it’s vital to use a deep conditioning treatment once every week.  Let it sit in your hair for several minutes to really allow it to soak in the moisture.  You should also invest in a quality anti-frizz serum, preferably with keratin.  The keratin proteins will help rebuild your hair strands, keeping them looking healthy, smooth, and shiny.

tips for fighting frizzy hair in Boulder

Hair by JC provides great services to keep your hair healthy and gorgeous this winter.

The good news is that Hair by JC offers a variety of treatments that will keep your hair looking fabulous through the winter.  His Conditioning Treatment uses Hawaiian Hawapuhi plant and ginger to reduce breakage, restore shine, and prevent color fading.  The Keratin Express treatment gives you a six week Brazilian Smoothing Treatment (the normal Brazilian Smoothing Treatment lasts 5 months) that eliminates frizz, loosens curls, and boosts shine.  Contact Hair by JC to book an appointment; your hair will love it!


Photos courtesy of Prevention, Trend Hair Styles To Day, and Redbook.

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