Color Up Your Hair with Water Color Hydrating Hair Masque

hair masquesGirls do love to style and color their hair, and we’ve heard about hair chalking. Hair chalking is temporary, easy to apply, works on all hair, and is  washable. It looks really cool to have different hair colors everyday, right? And though hair chalks are really fun, they can be a bit drying because they’re made from a pigmented powder.

We now introduce to you Water Color Hydrating Hair Masque. It adds vibrant color to hair while treating it. The masque is a richly pigmented formula that temporarily adds the perfect hue for you hair doo. If hair chalk washes out every shower, Water Color Hydrating Masque can lasts up to 5 washes.

To learn more about Water Color Hydrating Hair Masque, please visit The Beauty Department

Photo provided by Urban Outfitters

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