Balayage Highlights Give You a Natural Sun-Kissed Look

Gorgeous natural looking balayage highlights make your hair look sunkissed.

Gorgeous natural looking balayage highlights make your hair look sun-kissed all year round.

Don’t let the onset of winter bring you down.  Consider lightening up these dark days with some hot highlights.

Highlights have been on trend for many years now, but they come with their own drawbacks.  Traditional highlights need to be kept up, or else your roots will look very obvious after only a few short weeks.  And if not executed properly, highlights will look anything but natural, giving the wearer an unfortunate striped look that just isn’t flattering.  And let’s not forget, all that foil around your head isn’t the most comfortable way to spend the afternoon.

The solution to this dilemma is to convert to balayage highlighting.  Balayage, or ‘hair painting’, is a technique that involves sweeping color onto your hair to create the effect of the most natural sun-kissed locks.  It looks like you’ve spent months on the white sandy beaches of Hawaii, when really you just spent an hour at your favorite Hair by JC salon in Boulder, Colorado.  And the great news is that you can let your hair grow out without having to worry about your roots, because your highlights will blend seamlessly into your natural hair.

Exotic vacation or afternoon with JC? Only you'll know the difference.

Exotic vacation or afternoon with JC? Only you’ll know the difference.

And now with Hair by JC’s new Gold Woman membership, you’ll never have to give up your balayage highlights.  For a single yearly payment of $75, you’ll receive 15% off services and 10% off products. Balayage highlights are incredibly convenient for the modern woman on the go, but even though they give you the freedom to forgo an afternoon at the salon, with a deal like this you won’t have to.




Photos courtesy of Fashion Ekstrax and Box No. 216

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