A bandana, a headband, and more! Perfect hair accessories

04-spring-hair-accessories-turban-rachel-zoe-spring-2013-h724When you feel sweat running down your face, what’s the first thing you tend to do? Probably use your hand or arm to wipe it away, right? And as we all remember last summer in Boulder, CO, the summer was a scorcher.

Well, with some of these cool hair accessories courtesy of Glamour Beauty, you can keep your hair looking stylish even when the heat is turned up!

Remember bandanas? Ever heard of turbans? These are just a couple of examples of hair accessories that you can use to look your best this summer and spring.

Not sure how to place it it in your hair? Contact Jean-Charles Duchene of Hair By JC to see how he can help you style it to fit your hair and wardrobe.

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