15 Things Women With Healthy Hair Do Differently

hairstyleFrom endless curls to long, sleek straight hair, you’ve probably noticed those women that seem to have the perfect hair. But what are their secrets? An article written by Latest Hairstyles mentions a couple of ways to have this admirable hairstyle.

Check out these 15 tricks women with irresistibly healthy locks use to make the rest of us jealous.

1. They pour club soda on their hair.
2. They condition their tresses before the pool.
3. They protect their mane with SPF.
4. They don’t wash their hair every day.
5. They use a natural boar nylon brush.
6. They’re not tight ponytail types of girls.
7. They prevent grays from a young age.
8. They get regular trims at the salon.
9. They’re active and eat healthy.
10. They invest in quality products.
11. They don’t put their hair up wet.
12. They rub coconut oil on their head.
13. They know better than to towel dry their hair.
14. They take their vitamins.
15. They don’t use hot styling tools every day.

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